Low-Income Residential Assistance Program

Applicants must meet the following conditions in order to qualify for the program:


You are the Account holder or the Co-Applicant on the BWP Account


Your household must meet the Burbank PASS Program income requirements

Fill out your application in three easy steps

Step 1

Account Information

Step 2

Household Income

Step 3

Qualification Details

BWP Account Holder or Co-Applicant: *

Service Address *

City *

State *

Zip *

Preferred Phone Number *

Mobile Phone Number

Email *

BWP Account Number*

10 digit account number

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Burbank Water and Power has selected Resource Innovations to provide support services including customer service and outbound contact for the Low-Income Residential Assistance Program. Resource Innovations has extensive experience in supporting utilities across the nation. You can reach BWP’s program management team directly at (818) 238-3572